Eco Car Research?

Eco cars are a form of technology that in recent years have become more “trendy“, a variety of car companies are embracing the technologies and creating a variety of cars aimed at a range of customers. Now while I adore the idea of an Eco car I truly want to think about my fossil fuel use, the environmental impacts and of course the sustainability of such vehicles.

At first I had a range of worries about electricity and it cause me to be disconnected with my use of fossil fuels, in light of this I did some research and went on some visits to find out more about how electricity is generated in the UK. Through this i discovered that while fossil fuels are used other fuel sources are also used, some of which involve the reuse of garbage. According to Energy UK approximately under 50% of different fossil fuels are used to generate electricity although they do also say that this change on an annual basis.

I consistently try to consciously think about my impact upon the environment and I feel that reducing dependence on non environmentally friendly methods and resources will take time and persistence it will not happen over night. I plan to do more research to see how best to reduce my negative pollutant activity while still living comfortable life, challenging maybe but also very rewarding for the planet and future generation.

My top 4 Eco cars, in relation to research I have done so far are:

4. MORGAN EV3 46kW

This delightfully regal sports electric car is a beautiful example of Morgans expert craftsmanship. Ever since I was little i have always adored the designs of the more vintage looking Morgan cars. In terms of practicality sadly this car does not have a place in my everyday life but it is still a wonderful car. 

3. TESLA Model X 60 kWh

Image result for TESLA Model X 60 kWh

This charming car which has an 8 hr battery life and feature “Falcon Wings” is spacious, stylish and Eco friendly in its use .Unfortunately it has been discontinued but there are still some available second hand.

2. Toyota Mirai 

Toyota Mirai, Blue exterior, side front view

This innovative beauty uses hydrogen to generate electricity and it also emits no pollutants or CO2. The only issue I could find was that there are few filling station and this would be quite an inconvenience, this one impracticality is the only thing that keeps this car from being my number one choice.

1.  MINI E 150 kW

Image result for MINI E 150 kW Asynchronous / Li-ion

This delightfully juxtaposed car is my number one due to not just its engineering and practicality to run but also the vintage aesthetic that the mini holds. It is dainty and elegantly contoured, and yet, it has a strength and a majestic resplendence to it. With a 5 hour battery life it could be used in long journeys .


I think that I still have much research and testing to do but it all sounds like a very exciting journey.



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