Fabrication Fascination (August 2016)

“I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know”― Bob Dylan

I feel that within design as a holistic discipline we have incorporated so many methods that have been discarded or lost popularity at certain periods only to be resurrected, sometime multiple time.

Milk Silk

In talks with other designers I have been told that Milk silk and milk based design materials are not new concepts they are in fact concepts that have previously been applied but are now being reimagined in a contemporary format.

So what is milk silk? Well quite simply it is a fibre which when woven has a similar luster and drape to silk but is made from milk. Qmilk are a company which produce this fibre from milk that is not suitable for consumption.

I really like the idea of this from a sustainable and environmentally friendly point of view, the use of a renewable, biodegradable resource which would otherwise be contributing to waste is a wonderful achievement. I am yet to use this fabric so cannot give a truly personal review of it application but from my research on it it appears to perform in the same way as other animal based fibres although I will have to try it and see.

(Qmilk – the bio Milk Fibre)


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