Conscious Intimates (June 2016)

Ethical, eco friendly and sustainable design are become more widely applied within the intimate apparel industry sometimes collectively and sometime designs choose to focus on one or two of these aspects. I would like to focus on Clare Bare; a Los Angeles based designer whose designs are made locally with incorporating sustainable design practices she aims to use organic or vintage fabrics, she also uses hand dyeing and collaborates with local dyers to create more unique designs.

"The goal of the Clare Bare line is to offer unique designs that are eco friendly,
but still fashion forward." Clare Bare Website (2016)

I particularly like this brand not just for their ethical and sustainable design ethos, and, gorgeous design, but also, for the fact that although they do not stock larger sizes they have an option on some of their garments to request a custom size.


I am particularly fond of this as I am in possession of one of the more unique bra sizes which means it s hard to find my size within mainstream stores let alone conscious ones so have a sustainable store that provides this service, which is not uncommon for independent designers, is a breath of fresh air . The lack of a variety of plus size ethical intimates is rather saddening, as someone who requires a large cup and small band size but also is endeavouring to embed ethical and sustainable practice not just into my research and work but also into the everyday aspects of my life.

Lingerie is a key area for me and while there are a vast variety of plus size, ethical and sustainable lingerie brands there are not many brands that combine the three. Although I am personally fully capable of making my own bras I still feel this is a niche market, so it is nice that Clare Bare provide this customisation which I also feel is a nice personal touch.

Although I do feel that ethical and sustainable practice should not be reserved simply to niche markets all designers should incorporate it in the most impactful way for their personal brand. It is show in a variety of ways how vast the negative impact of fashion can be and the consumerist culture that supports it.

I regret that they do not have a UK based studio also but still like them very much and I encourage you to go and have a look at their delightful range of designs. They also have a range of stockist which can also be found on their website.


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