Fabrication Fascination (June 2016)

Fashion is a fascinating area which transcends the boundaries of aesthetics and can shape, or be shaped, by the cultural, political, technological and similar changes. We are constantly growing as a global society and many advances are made every year. This June I really want to highlight bio cotures grown bacteria based fabric.

Bio Fabric

Bio Couture have created these wonderful examples of their fabric in use, as shown in the pictures the fabric drapes in a similar way to some leathers.

I  absolutely adore this method and am planning to try it as I feel that despite the issues with quality and weight it is a wonderful idea and could be applied to lingerie in really fascinating and glamorous ways. I image this to be applied in a way that would allow you to grow you own garment and in this way domesticate tailored clothing.

I also very much like that this research has been shared, I feel that if we truly want positive and sustainable change we must share knowledge and encourage one another, this is another reason I thoroughly enjoy teaching; you learn as you teach and get to see the world through many different eyes by collaborating with student. You can find  the recipe to grow your own fabric in an online PDF.

It is so wonderful that despite how far we have coe in relation to out technological and aesthetic discoveries, inventions and reinventions there is still so much room for innovation and the cultivation of new ideas which, to me, is so very exciting, it feels like a continuous adventure with marvelous discoveries along the way.



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