Transformation: Today Me

I find that within life our experiences alter our perceptions of the world and in this way each day can transform you into a new person.

“You can’t expect me to honor what year-ago Professor said. That guy was young and foolish.”(Futurama, S7 E9 :Free Will Hunting) 

This quote from futurama always makes me chuckle, while I do believe that you should stand for something. It’s so amazing how much you can learn and find out just in the day to day living of life.

Sustainability has always been an important part of the way in which I engage with the world. My current masters has exposed me to so many opportunities and people that have opened my mind to so many different ways to be ethical and sustainable. Although we have made some detrimental and seemingly irreversible impacts upon the environment there is still an opportunity for change and improvement but this requires a collective and conscious approach void of commercialised capitalism, as a capitalist focus could actually turn it into a gimmick as opposed to a strong movement and this could inturn actually desensitise stakeholders to it importance.

It is a highly complex problem that require in depth though and in execution should be a self critiquing solution that grows and matures at a necessary rate to adapt to a global society that is constantly in flux. This does not mean that every year it must change I am simply saying that it shouldn’t be as regimented to adhere to a calender, it should critique its own effectiveness and improve based upon this analytical self critical review, sometime small changes will be required where as other time large scale changes may be required, what I feel is important is to transform at the pace the method requires and not not to try and make it fit into pervading models of practice.


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