Playful Adulting | Daily Prompt


Often I find that to truly adult correctly, as defined by the expectation of some societies, can be an complex and boring task (for me), even being defined as a female can often be rather taxing. Although this is not to say that all aspects of adult life are draining some i find rather delightful, i think the ones which engage me the most are those which can incorporate a playful aspect to their execution. For me this can be a variety of things from crafting and cooking to volunteering at youth clubs and teaching. When i was little I never wanted to grow up because adults looked so serious on the streets but luckily my parents showed me that adulting can be fun, dynamic and positive. I endeavour to live my life with purpose while still exploring the world around me with intrigue and wonder, my current studies have allowed a free platform for this and I have some exciting experimentations involving reclaimed string planned for this month, there will be paint, glue metals and music, I looking forward to playing around with some clay to but who knows where my experimentation will take me…

down the rabbit hole of crafts I go.


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