Knitting, Crochet, Spinning and Sheep

The Easter break has been a wonderful opportunity to really focus solely on my university projects, I have been especially focused on the toolkit project as it is due sooner than the others. The toolkit project, or more specifically the sustainable toolkit project, is one of my main modules within my Design and Environment course; it requires me to build a toolkit which is in some way sustainable. Toolkits are amazing tools a they can be used in so many ways from collecting information all the way through to encouraging behavioural change, I must admit that aside from technonatures this has been one of my favourite projects so far, though I have enjoyed the course very much as a whole, so far, I it is going so quickly though.

So (as the title of this post suggest) my sustainable toolkit is related to sheep and knitting and related crafts, it is focused on the ideas of value and companionship in relation to sustainability. I have also been collecting information through a survey, which if you are a knitter (or know a knitter) and could answer it would be greatly appreciated. 

As a result of my research, in relation to this project, I have discovered so much about Knitting, Spinning, wool and Sheep breeds and care, it has been truly fascinating. I have also invested in a spindle and roving and am having a joyous time I will post some pictures of my spinning endeavours soon.


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