Biodegradable Materials

At the moment, as part of my Masters and for my personal interest, I am currently researching into sustainable materials in relation to textiles, particularly lingerie, and I have found that it is very challenging to find replacements for the currently used material.

Though I have found that there are many materials under construction and brands attempting to solve the issue of textiles effect on the environment. I have not had a chance to look deeply into these materials and getting hold of them for experimentation can be challenging.

Some biodegradable materials that we already use such as linen, silk and cotton, perhaps, need a better production method or should be located closer to manufacturers to avoid extensive travel. These changes would make them a more sustainable choice. ( this is of course a generalisation)

There are many factors to be considered and so many intricate details that relate to the complicated network environmental sustainability that I feel This is an area that, like many other aspects of design and technology, will constantly be evolving and changing.

I look forward to the day when ethical, locally source, chemical free, fair trade, biodegradable, naturally died, cruelty free material , in both rigid and stretch capacities, will be widely available and easily sourced.


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