Researching Lingerie and Sustainability

I am truly passionate about lingerie, I love the intimate nature of it and the versatility. It can be for comfort, style, a performance set, something to go with that perfect outfit, ro so much more. It has an individual sentimental value, or lack of, to those who own, wear or view it, I think it’s incredible for a garment to have the ability to achieve all this while still providing a useful function.

As well as being fascinated with smart textiles i am also very interested in sustainable design. At the moment as part of my studies I am looking into sustainability in association with lingerie, which so far has been absolutely fascinating, in light of this I would really be grateful if you could complete my short survey on surveymonkey, it would be a huge help.

So far in my research I have discovered so much and I am intrigued and look forward to collating the information I have found to look at the dat in further detail.


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